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Saturday, November 21, 2009

About Me

some would say just a little bit crazy.

she's completely in love with life.
she says "yes" to as many opportunities as she can.

she gets frustrated easily.  but rarely mad.
is unique.  and different.
sweet, smiley, silly, positive, loud
wouldn't have it any other way


the beach
cantaloupe {in large quantities}
cupcakes {also in large quantities}
being active.
giving back.
anything vintage.
pretty flowers.
and even prettier sunsets.
traveling.... to everywhere near or far.  
christmas tree lights. {especially when they're on her bed frame}
the little things in life.  

red peppers.
green peppers.
any kind of peppers.
smelly cheeses. 

a daughter.
a friend.
a sister.
a niece.
a granddaughter.
a baker.
an artist.
a student.
a college athlete.
a lifeguard.
a swim coach.
a yoga teacher.
an (ex) vegetarian.
a dreamer.
an 18 year old.  
a laid back beach girl whose exploring a new city away from everything she knowns and learning to live on her own at the same time.  It's her first year of college and she's enjoying the ride.